Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snowflakes and Soba Bentos

Triangle onigiri with mamenori faces, apple bunnies, snap peas, sesame carrots, miniature corn croquettes, soba noodles with mamenori snowflakes.

We all had pretty much the same thing in our bentos. My husband and I had our soba noodles in lime-bowls while my daughter had hers in a standard toddler-approved container.

I learned several things while making these. First - that I love mamenori and that it's fun to work with. The paper punch that I used to make the snowflakes worked perfectly with the mamenori. But the mamenori didn't want to stick to the onigiri at all and tended to curl up instead of stay in place. Second - I actually really like snap peas which I have avoided for years cause I thought I didn't like them. My rule of 'you have to try at least one bite of something new' for my 3 year old clashed with my rule of 'if she has to do it, mommy has to do it too' with unexpected results! Last - that I should have used something other than a light colored background for the bentos when the pictures were taken.