Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Last Candy Corn Onigiri

I was trying to be selfish and keep the last one for myself, but in the end I gave up and made it into a school bento for A-chan. I tried really hard to talk her into believing that I can just make more any time. It never worked. Then I decided that it would just be easier to give her the last one and convince myself to make more :) It made her very happy.

There is another small green triangle onigiri, a cherry tomato, some cheddar bunnies and a few sweet midget pickles.

This bento also contains the teeniest tiniest apple bunnies I have ever made. They were so incredibly cute!! I used a Lady apple to make them. In the picture below the large apple is a Gala which I love and usually use in just about anything. The small one is a Lady apple that we got at Super H Mart. I have since learned that our local Kroger carries them! A-chan thinks they are the bestest cutest apples in the world. She has trouble biting into them since they are rather firm, but loves them once they are cut up.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Sherimiya from Happy Little Bento gave me this awesome award, thank you so much Sherimiya!!! It's taken me a while to have some free time to come up with seven things about myself...I hope that you didn't give up on me :) Sherimiya makes wonderful and inspiring bentos, it makes me so happy that she always comments on my posts and likes my bentos enough to give me this award.

The requirements of the award are to list seven facts about myself and then choose seven other bloggers to recieve the award. So here goes!

7 things about myself:
1- I love spicy food. Really spicy food. The hotter the better! In fact, most American foods are way too bland for me and I end up adding spice to everything: pizza, fries, burgers, potato chips, mac ‘n’ cheese, tomato soup…

2- I love to play the harp.

3- Just like Lia Chen of Bentolicious, I’m horribly scared of cockroaches. There is absolutely no reason for it, but I am!

4- I have always wanted tattoos but am unable to get them because of my blood clotting disorder. It is a huge frustration! I particularly covet the traditional tattoos of the Rabari tribes in Gujarat.

5- My biggest fear: claustrophobia. It seems to be getting worse as I grow older.

6- As a child I was raised as a meat eater. I became a vegetarian when I was 21. But the traditional way of eating that I was brought up on is still very much a part of my cooking methods. So every meal has to include a ‘meat’ as a main dish, or these days a substitute soy product. This annoys me a great deal and I wish that I could change it.

7- I don’t like sugar. Sweet things in moderation are good. But ultimately we only eat something with sugar in it about once every two weeks. Of course we indulge heavily in sugary items when we attend conventions. Cons are not for healthy eating, you know! :)

7 Great Bloggers:

1-Teapriestess at - Bento Mania
2-French Bento
3-Gnoe at Graasland
4-Tanabata who does the Hello Japan! challenge - In Spring it is the Dawn
5-Lunch Bucket Bento
6-Bento Corner - Who gave me tons of inspiration and I wish was still updating!
7- Emilie at - The Conscious Kitchen

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cartwheel girl bento

My daughter chose this design out of my newest bento book by Akinoichigo which I love, love, love. I personalized it a little bit, but the basic design is from the book. The girl is made from mozzarella cheese and american cheese, cucumber and soy turkey. The bow in her hair and the stars are all carrots. In the other half is a portion of sesame tofu (leftovers from the chinese restaurant the night before, yay!), a cherry tomato, a black olive on a squirrel pick, a spear of baby corn and a heart shaped cup of tiny red grapes.

She seemed to love it when I showed it to her before school but she didn't eat much of it. I'm not sure why and she isn't offering any opinions. Maybe she just wasn't hungry that day :)

The book that she looked through for the design is available from Jbox. There is a link directly to it at the very bottom of the blog: The Waku waku bento book!