Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cartwheel girl bento

My daughter chose this design out of my newest bento book by Akinoichigo which I love, love, love. I personalized it a little bit, but the basic design is from the book. The girl is made from mozzarella cheese and american cheese, cucumber and soy turkey. The bow in her hair and the stars are all carrots. In the other half is a portion of sesame tofu (leftovers from the chinese restaurant the night before, yay!), a cherry tomato, a black olive on a squirrel pick, a spear of baby corn and a heart shaped cup of tiny red grapes.

She seemed to love it when I showed it to her before school but she didn't eat much of it. I'm not sure why and she isn't offering any opinions. Maybe she just wasn't hungry that day :)

The book that she looked through for the design is available from Jbox. There is a link directly to it at the very bottom of the blog: The Waku waku bento book!


Lia Chen said...

The girl is so cute ... it just like she is flying in the starry sky :o)

sherimiya said...

What a delightfully happy girl! Love your bento, nicely done! It's a good idea to have a book available for your girl to choose from, how nice :)

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Lia Chen! The stars were apparently the first thing that got eaten, I guess A-chan liked them too :)

Thanks, Sherimiya!! It does make it easier sometimes to have books for inspiration, especially those days where I'm needing a little extra challenge.