Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mucho Yogurt Bento

From left to right: Vegetarian vegetable soup in a microwaveable container, parmesan cheese for the soup in the orange kitty, circular grilled cheese sandwiches with flowers cut from cheese slices on top, apple bunny, a pretzel, baby tomato with an elephant pick, container of yogurt with two tiny apple flowers on top.
The lesson that I learned with this bento was to put a layer of saran wrap over the really, really full yogurt container BEFORE I put it into the bento. Because once it's there it's extremely difficult to get back out without spilling it everywhere!

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Maveth said...


I want to thank you for the list of bento websites you handed out at AWA. Before you told us, I didn't know half of them and I found some really cool stuff. :D

I see you bought the same bento boxes at AWA that I got from! :3 So cute~

I actually got my mom hooked on Bento lunch because it helps her with portion control.

I know you said you didn't have a rice cooker, but I was wondering if you knew anyone who does use one and what brand they recommend (US or Japan import, doesn't matter). Even what brand you'd buy, if the sky was the limit, would be helpful(I know you probably have at least one you dream about, because most of us do).

Great blog! Looking forward to next AWA!