Sunday, April 11, 2010


My little girl is crazy about Batman. She'd never seen any videos of Batman before this Christmas. But some of her best friends in the world were huge batman fans. So the hero of Gotham has been slowly but surely making more and more of an appearance in our humble home. Santa brought her the video and the game that she wanted. (she only gets to play Lego Batman with her dad because I simply cannot figure the derned thing out!) And now he's sneaking into her bentos :)

This bento features miniature frozen pancakes with a chocolate icing batman shape on the top one. Inside the little monkey face container is more icing for the other pancakes. There is one soy-sausage link cut interestingly. Two 'bombs' made from tater tots, pretzel sticks and nori are snuggled up to the bat symbol. The two colored mochi slice looks really pretty! Also some steamed broccoli, cheese blocks and a baby tomato.

To make the batman symbol I used a technique that I usually use with henna. I took a triangle of cellophane paper and rolled it into a small tube shape that would fit into the palm of my hand, then I taped the outside edge. Next I filled it up with icing, rolled over the wide end to close it off with more tape. Then I snipped off the pointy end a tiny bit and started squeezing the icing out. first the outline and then filling in the center. It's the same technique as cake icing (so my friend, Jen, who makes cakes tells me) just on a much smaller scale.

The slice of mochi was apparently suspicious and she wouldn't eat it to save the world. It was sooo funny. Normally she gobbles mochi up but because this wasn't a whole one, she wouldn't touch it. That's okay, I got to eat it when she brought it home!


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Adorable!! Go Batman! I have a hard time with the LEGO games I cannot figure them out. Kidlet and his friends play LEGO Star Wars and I have no idea how they are doing it lol

AVM said...

I love this round bento! Where did you get it?

Bento Box / Asfora said...

What does Batman's mum shout when it's time for his dinner?
Dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner Batman!

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Jenn - her dad can just go zip, zip, zip and get through all the LEGO games and I can't even get past the first screen :D Apparently my brain just doesn't work that way!

AVM - I bought this bento on ebay many many years ago. I think that has some round ones.

lol, Asfora!!