Friday, May 4, 2007

Dinner Bentos

Top tier: Miniature corn croquettes, veggie egg roll, happy onigiri, blueberries & cantaloupe skewers, veggie heart chips.

Bottom tier: Star shaped fairy bread, strawberry sticker, baby tomato, snap pea snacks, "Sweet Love" broccoli.

Top tier: Miniature corn croquettes, veggie egg roll, baby tomatoes, plain onigiri with black sesame seeds, snap pea snacks, Sahale Sing Buri nut mix, blueberry and cantaloupe skewers.

Bottom tier: Kitty onigiri with broccoli nose & sugar dot eyes, baby tomatoes, "Sweet Love" broccoli, tiny plain onigiri, Pizza Snacks.

Top tier: Two plain onigiri with black sesame seeds, Terra Exotic chips, baby tomatoes & miniature corn croquettes.

Bottom tier: Veggie egg roll, "Sweet Love" Broccoli, blueberry & cantaloupe skewers, walnuts.

The chips and pizza snacks didn't turn out well in the bentos, I'm sorry to say. They became all soggy and ick, perhaps because I was in a hurry and put the lids on before everything cooled off.

Once again, my husband's onigiri sport black sesame seeds which are my favorite choice for quick decoration. The corn croquettes were awesome! I used silken tofu instead of egg in the batter and they are sooo yummy. Silken tofu rocks!!! (recipe to follow at some point)

The "Sweet Love" broccoli was supposed to be Thai Firecracker broccoli, but I didn't have exactly the right ingredients and decided to experiment. It came out very good but incredibly sweet with a tangy bite, more like Sweet & sour sauce my husband claims.

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