Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Udon

Onigiri girl with nori eyes and mouth, pea nose, cucumber hair and carrot bow. Yummy Udon noodles spinkled with black sesame seeds, carrot and pickled radish ginko leaves, grapes and a japanese gummy.

Two triangle onigiri with carrot hearts, cucumber slices and japanese bamboo shaped treat with sweet bean filling. Udon noodles with sesame seeds, skewer of grapes.

Top tier: Plain onigiri sprinkled with black sesame seeds, udon noodles with carrot maple leaves and cucumber decoration, grapes.
Bottom tier: Korean star snacks in cute single serving package with smiley face and hat, japanese wheat treat, cucumber slices and carrot heart, wheat thin crackers, grapes on a skewer and babybel cheese.


Courtney said...

I really like the colors of this one--all the orange and green. The onigiri girl is really adorable, too. ^_^

ilovepearly said...

First time visiting your blog, looks nice, Looking forward for more entries!

Natakiya said...

Thank you so much, Courtney & ilovepearly! I'm sorry that it took a while to get your comments moderated, I was on vacation and then had to recuperate from vacation, lol.