Friday, November 20, 2009

Hello Kathy

A school bento made in the wee hours of the early morning with loving care and with much attention to my coffee mug.

Top layer: two small square onigiri with carrot flowers on top, a triplet of baby corn, some Morningstar Farms chik nuggets cut in halves, a purple pig filled with soy sauce and a Lady apple.

Bottom layer: Hello Kathy onigiri with carrot flower, more baby corn, a baby tomato, udon noodles with peanut sauce and carrot flowers.

My favorite part of this bento was the tiny apple which actually fit into one of the smaller bentos we own. The bunny onigiri was made by my daughter with a mould! Her favorite part was all the carrot flowers.

I'm really enjoying making her school bentos, though some are definately coming out better than others. I think it depends of the amount of prep work I have done the night before and the amount of sleep I get :)


sherimiya said...

Hi natakiya! I love your blog and have a fun award for you... please stop by to pick it up!

Thanks, Sheri

sherimiya said...

Sorry, here's the link:

Happy Little Bento

Lia Chen said...

Your bento is so sweet and I love the small flowers & Hello Kathy :o)

veganf said...

I just noticed you're blogging again! Hooray! Really cute lunch. :-)