Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Ol' Teddybear

This is another 'challenge' bento - to only use tools that anyone might find around the kitchen. The picture shows all of the tools that I used. It was fun to scavenge through my cupboards to come up with the right sizes for all the circles: The pill container was empty and thoroughly washed before using it to cut circles from cheese, the spices from the spice container were emptied into something else so that I could use the bottle to cut circles from soy bologna - I was totally ruthless! The lid of the icing container cut the cheese for the muzzle. The kitchen scissors were used to cut the nori and baby spinach (eyes and heart).

Bottom tier: Vegetable fried rice, teddybear face made from soy burgers, soy bologna and mozzarella cheese with an edamame nose and nori for eyes.

Top tier: Sesame green beans wrapped with carrot ribbons, lemon slices, a cherry tomato, a fried rice onigiri patty with nori and baby spinach heart on top, blueberry waffle squares, potato crowns with carrot and baby corn flowers on top.

I'm still working through my backlog of bento photos...eventually I'll get all caught up!


Lia Chen said...

Lovely teddy bear, I want to hug him so adorable! You make use of every tools in your kitchen, great (^.^)

sherimiya said...

Such a cute bear face! The best bento are the ones handcut with ingenuity and love. Well done bento :)

BentoBeginner said...

This looks great for not having any bento specific tools. Just goes to show all you need is some inspiration and creativity to get what you want!

Lunch Buckets said...

If "tools that anyone might find around the kitchen" is to include kitchen scissors - well ... I swear mine must have feet - they can most always be found (eventually) ANYWHERE but in the kitchen.

Natakiya said...

Thank you!! I was very happy with him, and I'm so glad that you all think he's cute, Lia Chen and Sherimiya :)

It was so much fun finding all the different tools - and amazing to find out how much I'd come to rely upon purpose bought bento tools.

LOL, Lunch Buckets! I agree, they are very tricksy. In order to keep one pair in my kitchen I have three so that two can float around the house on odd jobs. :)