Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Smiling Flatpie

Another backlog bento from December. The main content of this bento is the scottish flatpie which is one of our favorite fall and winter dishes - it's a biscuit crust with potatoes and onions and then melted cheese on top. It's usually a huge round like a medium sized pizza but occassionally I make small ones instead just for bentos. In this case it had been so long since I'd made bento sized ones that I made them too big and ended up cutting them in fourths.

There are also some soy hotdogs and apple bunnies, steamed broccoli, black olives on a heart pick, french fries, carrot hearts and one very happy baby tomato.

I am still in the process of putting away all the holiday decorations - it's taking much much longer this year but I figure it's okay to keep putting up backlog bentos from December until the x-mas tree is put away!


sherimiya said...

Cute bento! We just put our tree away a week ago, and we actually still have our live wreath up! It's still alive, so that means the spirit of Christmas is still here. :)

Natakiya said...

Yay! That makes me feel much better :)