Monday, February 22, 2010

Peace and Peas Bento

This bento was all about the babybel cheese in the center. Yep, the cheese :) I wanted to do something striking with the round of cheese that A-chan wanted in her bento so I started thinking about round symbols. Then I narrowed it down to round symbols that I could make out of nori. And even further to round symbols that I could cut out of nori with my kitchen it wasn't intended to be a meaningful bento, exactly. But then I wondered if the word peace would fit in the top of the box with the letter cutters that I have. It did! I was happy :)

The top portion contains: couscous with carrot letters and pea accents.
The bottom portion contains: One babybel cheese with peace symbol, one miniature corn croquette, one baby tomato cut in halves, one heart container filled with tiny peach squares, one tiny sweet gherkin, three picks with sauteed tofu and green peas.

The little heart container just refused to cooperate. It was determined to go all squished no matter what I did, so I finally admitted defeat and just let it be. A-chan mentioned that the peas got moved around while she was carrying the bento. Next time I will press them down into the couscous a bit more.

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veganf said...

Very pretty and delicious!