Monday, March 22, 2010

MomoCon Bentos

It's that time again! Yes, Spring is here and we celebrated mightily by our annual attendance at MomoCon. We had a fabulous time with 6, 998 good buddies :) A-chan and I made our first origami turtles together in a workshop. I learned how to do kanzashi flowers in wonderful class. We both indulged our love of shopping for cute things. And I had a reason to put together some bentos, yay!!!Since A-chan was going to be wearing her Mokona backpack all day I was inspired to try a Mokona bento. My main problem was that I made Mokona waaaaay too large. I had originally intended to have Mokona take up only one half of a tier, haha :) There was no way that A-chan could eat the huge rice ball but she enjoyed the other smaller parts (ears and feet).

Top tier: Tofu heart sauteed with soy sauce, Lemon bowl with chickpeas, huge strawberry, curry rice, carrot flowers. Before putting in the curry I made a barrier with rice - building it up high on one side to keep the curry in place.

Bottom tier: 5 rice balls, one huge, 2 medium long ones, 2 smaller round ones. Huge lettuce leaf underneath, halved baby tomato for the forehead jewel, soy bologna inner ears and mouth, nori eyes and smile, pickled ginger cheeks and carrot flower.

My bento was a bit more sober and not as fun. It was yummy though! More fun with my letter cutters which I love soooo much.

Top tier: Curry rice with all the rice hidden under the curry. Carrot letters, yay!

Bottom tier: Tofu heart sauteed in soy sauce, slice of lemon, two huge strawberries, baby corn on picks, carrot flowers and heart, veggie gyoza.

The large carrot flowers in both bentos were cut from the humongous asian carrots from Super H Mart. The bits of tofu that were left over from cutting out the hearts were also sauteed and are hidden underneath the hearts. Not as lovely so they were hidden, but still tasty!


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Awesome bento lunches! Sounds like a very fun event :D

sherimiya said...

omg, sooooo cute!!

javapot said...

cute monako bento.

Christy @ Japan Society said...

Wow, all your bentos are really adorable (and tasty looking too, of course).

I hope you'll consider entering the Virtual Bento Box Battle hosted by Japan Society...I think you could come up with something really amazing!

Keep up the good work...

Natakiya said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It makes me so happy that you all like it!

Christy - I will definitely take a look, thanks :)

mook said...

that kemon bowl is really ingenuous. did it flavored the chick peas? yum!

Natakiya said...

Yes, the lemon juice did flavor the chickpeas and it was delicious!! I've done it before with limes and soba noodles which is also yummy :)