Thursday, May 12, 2011

Box Turtle

Well, this little guy doesn't really look like a box turtle but I tried! It was in honor of the box turtle that we found next to our recycling bin a couple of weeks ago. We kept her for 2 days while we learned all about box turtles and then put her back where we had found her. It was a marvelous experience! The most surprising thing to us was how good she was at climbing out of boxes.

In the bento: Turtle onigiri, tiny carrot flowers, sauteed tofu, black olives, grapes and a piece of apple with a heart.

The back of the turtle was decorated with nori and soy turkey. I used soy turkey and a black sesame seed for the eye.


Cat said...

Cute!! We've found about 3 turtles in the past two weeks. We often find them crossing the road and move them out of the way so that they don't get hit by a car. Sometimes we find tiny ones as big as an apple. We live by a lake so we see them in the water too. Sometimes they poke their heads out, and sometimes it turns out to be snakes!! You did a good job. :D I like him.

Natakiya said...

Thanks, Cat! Awww, that's so cool! I'm glad that you're moving the turtles. It is so neat when we get to see them up close. I'd forgotten how beautiful the patterns could be.