Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flowery Pancakes

Here is another very simple bento - I am really loving the pancake flowers! They are quick, they are easy and they are pretty. The longest part of this bento was waiting for the oven to heat up enough to cook the miniature frozen pancakes.

In the bento: A small bowl of grape halves and frozen blueberries, three soy sausage links, several miniature pancake flowers.

The flowers were cut from provolone cheese with my nifty daisy cutter. The pink centers were cut from candy drops with a tiny flower cutter.

Not shown in the picture was a container of strawberry flavored icing to eat with the pancakes. Even after a full year (maybe it's been even longer than that, I can't remember), I am still amazed at how much she likes the icing on the pancakes. The amount that fits into the teeny monkey container is very, very little - but it makes her happy!

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