Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday means pancakes

Pancakes are not a breakfast food to me. I just don't like sweet foods for breakfast. It might be a holdover from my childhood when my Mom was very healthwise and didn't allow sugar in the house. The only exception to this rule is yogurt. I love yogurt for breakfast. In any case, pancakes in our house are good for lunch or dinner but they never appear on the breakfast menu. And I enjoy using these frozen miniatures for bentos because they are so easy to make and I can do so many cute things with them!

Today's pancakes have a thin layer of pink icing to make pancake sandwiches. I first took my tiny heart cutter and cut a heart into the center of the top pancakes.

In the bento: Baby corn covered by a provolone Hello Kitty face, baby tomatoes, soy sausage link,provolone cheese hearts, pancakes sandwiches with icing, an apple bunny and two lemon slices.

Unfortunately I did not pay attention to the type of box that I was using and packed it way too full - the lid wouldn't fit on! There was some major rearranging to get the food to fit without being squished by the lid.


OhayoBento said...

I'm not big on pancakes for breakfast either, I can't eat anything that dense first thing in the morning. I love the little hearts and the HK cheese. :)

Journal Mommy Yenny said...

wow, you have full pack of pancake! Allow me to take one or two pieces so you can nicely close the lid... *hahaha..I am kidding*