Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Saturn

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun. And made from yummy soy turkey, hehe. I love doing space themed bentos and this one was a very easy bento to make! Total cooking time - 5 minutes. Total decorating time - 5 minutes!

In the bento: Garlic pita toast cut into triangles, steamed broccoli, sesame carrots in a lovely pink container, garlic and basil couscous, soy turkey saturn with provolone ring and provolone cheese stars. The strawberry was carried on the side.

Saturn's face was cut from nori using nori punches and 'glued' onto the soy turkey with a tiny bit of mayo. The stars were cut with a tiny cutter but Saturn's ring was cut using my food-only scissors.

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Czarina said...

Mmmm yumm this one looks good!