Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Fairy (LCE #21)

I was inspired by the krinkly ruffles of the lettuce and thought they looked a lot like fairy wings. But I got a bit too carried away and the cheese was a bit too shiny. Even so, it was fun to make and A-chan had fun eating it. Particularly the sprinkle stars. Mmm. Sugar stars...
Strawberry rectangles with yellow stars and a grape, Fairy on bread (cheese, lettuce, veg. bologna, nori, star sprinkles), 3 tortilla chips with cheese, veg. bologna and olive slices, salsa with a daikon radish mini-star, small salad with carrot mini-stars and black olives.
The black olives disappeared first, then the strawberries and the salsa. The salad was completely untouched and the fairy was too pretty to eat without coaxing, lol.

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