Friday, July 20, 2007

Bear Stack Bento

It isn't truly a bento, but it works like one perfectly! Supposedly it's another thing for restaurants to use for kids' servings just like the Koala tray/box. But I only know that because I bought it from a Restaurant supply store, lol. The only drawback was the lack of a lock or closure system of any kind. A tightly wrapped kitchen towel furoshiki did the trick, though.

Here is the secret to toddler & parent happy snacking all in one. This is my standard 'going-to-a-party-with-children' offering. Whipped cream on the bottom, red sugar in one bowl and green in the other.

It is meant to be served with fruit like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, things that can be easily dipped into the whipped cream and then into the sugar for a lovely snack bite. The fruit roll-ups flowers were really sweet cause the sugar stuck to the bottom of them! The whipped cream did a similar trick with the bottom of the next tier when I put too much in at once.

I served the same thing at A-chan's birthday last year and the kids were more interested in dipping the fruit than in eating the other sweets!


gnoe.gnoe said...

Wow, that's such a great idea! It looks gorgeous!

Do you make the coloured sugar yourself (if so: how)? Or do you buy it that way?

Natakiya said...

Thanks! I bought the colored sugar, found in the cake mix section of the grocery store. I don't know what it's usually supposed to be used for, but it's so much fun this way!

Kylie said...

can you send me any links as to where i can find this for sale online? even if its a different animal (i know they have pig ones and some hello kitty ones). please please please, i've been searching FOREVER! thanks!


Natakiya said...

Eeeek! It's been many many years since I bought this bento box. I don't remember right off where I found it. It was online. I will try to find it again and email you, Kylie!