Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Beautiful day for a picnic

My daughter's godparents came to town for the day and it was a grand excuse for all of us to go have a picnic at the botanical gardens. And it turned out to be a beautiful day. Here is my part of the menu, packed into bento boxes for transport.

Background: 2 boxes of crackers, 1 box of fish shaped cookies.

In the pink bento: three cheeses - gouda, babybel & white cheddar, grapes and mango with a green smiley face pick.

In the green bento: Parmesan Not-Chicken Strips (morningstar farms chik strips with parmesan coating)

In the blue bento: Cachumber! The bestest thing ever for a picnic on a hot day. The one on the right is without onions.

Our friends brought spinach packets, blue corn chips, fruit chips and perfect blondies. It was an awesome picnic!

Recipes for the Cachumber and Parmesan Not-Chicken will follow soon.

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