Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Snack Bentos to Share

These tidbits were for a Bellydance Mamas get together. It's not a very spectacular presentation, but taste of the gyoza made up for it! The gyoza were handmade with store bought wonton wrappers. They are 'Two Potato Pot Stickers' from the "Real Vegetarian Thai" cookbook which is one of my favorites! The recipe made a huge amount of filling so I got tons of gyoza out of it which were put in my freezer for quick cooking later, and I still had about half the mix leftover which I used to fill onigiri. The pink toddler bowl in the center contains the sweet hot garlic dipping sauce for the gyoza, another recipe from the same cookbook. The decorative green onion fans give a little bit of color (and were very tasty when dipped into the sauce too!).

In the other bento were uninspired mixed nuts & chex mix.

Green onion fans: Take green onions and cut about a 1.5 - 2 inch section just above the onion bulb. Slice it into lots of thin ribbons from 1/4 of one end all the way through the other end. I use a very large needle to make my slices, by poking it into the onion and pulling it away from the end where I'm holding the onion. It's very quick and easy. The onions will now resemble slightly crazed paint brushes. Put them into a bowl with cold water and a couple of ice cubes until they curl up and fan out. I believe I left these in the water for about 40 minutes, but I'm not altogether certain.

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