Monday, September 24, 2007

Yay AWA!!!

AWA was awesome!!!

We had such a great time, and we didn't want to come home. I even found a couple of new bento boxes which I've never seen for sale at an anime convention before! Our Saturday lunch was packed in them and we ate on the floor in the lobby of the Waverly hotel, much more convenient than standing through the lines for the restaurants or going back to our room. We could watch all the cosplayers go by as we munched.

I was sooo nervous about the Bento panel, but it went really well and I still can't believe how many people there were! Thank you very much to all of those who came to the panel, I can't tell you how much I appreciated it. I hope that everyone enjoyed it and maybe got a little inspired to try making bentos. I'm so sorry that I didn't have enough handouts, I honestly thought there wouldn't be many people especially since it was on Sunday so I only made 20 copies. (My husband kept telling me to make more copies but I wouldn't listen.)

Here is a link to the handout, though there isn't all that much information on it. The best thing to do is just get into searching all over and see what all you can find, there is a ton of bento information out there! I will be happy to answer any questions if you want to email me ( and help find answers if I don't know them.


That was one fantastic thing about the bento panel, how many people offered information and tips. Thank you, thank you to everyone who participated and helped answer some of the questions that I couldn't. I learned a lot, too!

These are the two new bentos that I bought in the dealers kawaii! :D I didn't have all that much to pack for bentos since I wasn't expecting to have bentos to use (I had all of my bento gear packed away in a seperate bag in the car for the panel, so close and yet so far away) so they aren't very pretty.

Petite Happy top tier: Peanut butter and jelly rolls, mini oreos and a lychee-coconut jelly.

Petite Happy bottom tier: Garlic and Herb mashed potatoes.

Nontan box: Sundried tomato, basil and parmesan Wheat thin crackers, babybel Gouda, a baby banana


Kyouko said...

OMG your Bento's are awesome!!! Ive just goteen into the hobbie and im loving it!!! When I saw that you went to AWA I was like OMG no way!! I live in ATL. and I went to AWA last year as well!! I dunno if you might know me from one of my costumes, but I was Miwako from Paradise Kiss (with my boyfriend as Arashi) and on Saturday we entered a group in the costume contest for Dragon Quest 8!! Do you cosplay?! I would like to met you next year and maybe you could teach me some bento tricks?! Are you going to Momocon!! =^.^=

Natakiya said...

Thank you!!! Bentos are definately addictive as a hobby :)

I am not sure whether I saw your cosplay last year, it takes so much energy to watch my little girl that everything goes by in a blur.

I will be at AWA again this year and hopefully doing another bento panel. If you would like to get togeter during the con that would be awesome! I don't currently cosplay, cause I make costumes for my daughter but I have plans for it in the future...

We would have loved to go to MomoCon but were already obligated to go to OmegaCon in Alabama instead. I hope to make Momocon next year, though!