Monday, October 26, 2009

Candy Corn Picnic

On our way to Alabama my daughter and I had a picnic at a park. We shared this huge bento and had a good lunch despite the rain! This bento is all about fall. There are corn cob haybales and 'apple' trees made from broccoli and soy hot dogs. Cheese maple leaves and candy corn onigiri. The candy corn onigiri make me very very happy!

Candy corn has always been one of my favorite Halloween treats, but I hadn't been able to find vegetarian candy corn in years. I finally found some this year and bought four whole bags of it! My little girl is definately enjoying it just as much as I. In my turn, I was thrilled to finally be able to share this holiday treat with her! She loved the idea of candy corn onigiri. This is one of the things that I did with the fall colored rices from a few weekends back :)

The remainder of the ingredients are veggie gyoza, fried tofu sticks, blackberries, an apple picnic blanket, sesame carrots, some baby tomatoes, a babybel cheese round, hello kitty soy sauce bottle and one bottle of sriracha sauce.


sherimiya said...

Candy corn onigiri is an inspired idea; love it! Pretty and cute bento!

Lia Chen said...

Huge bento and very cute (^.^)

Natakiya said...

Thank you!!! I'm glad that you liked the candy corn onigiri. They are really becoming a favorite in our house. A-chan and I argued today about who could have the last one for lunch - I had to promise to make more this weekend :)

Local said...

Those candy corn onigiri are ADORABLE!!!!