Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Bentos

We had to be out for lunch while I was doing henna all morning and afternoon, so it was a perfect excuse to make bentos! The doggy above has a missing tooth because my little girl lost her first one on Friday. There was almost a disaster with the tooth which came out while eating corn on the cob: it was almost lost when I was over-efficient in the plate washing. Luckily we found it and put it in the tooth pillow for the tooth fairy. In relief and in homage I decided to do a cute doggy who had lost a tooth. A-chan definately seemed to like it!

The doggy is a Boca chik patty sandwich and hamburger bun, part of the patty was cut off to make the ears and paws. The bows were cut out of carrot. Mozzarella cheese and nori for the face. A tulip cup full of chick peas, baby tomato halves and tiny cubes of feta took up most of the bottom portion of the box, with just enough room left over for two miniature potato pierogies and a HUGE blackberry.
All of the same stuff was in my bento as well, with a few differences. My sandwich had habenero BBQ sauce on it. I got a pick with three carrot circles. More blackberries could fit into mine so I put in a few extra to give A-chan. Also there were two babybel cheese rounds hidden beside the sandwich underneath the extra blackberries.
I had a wonderful time with the henna designs and met some very nice people. A-chan also had a great time and her bento did a fab time of picking up her spirits just when she was starting to get bored.


BentoForKidlet said...

I love the toothless pup and the smiling pierogi! What fun :D

ewdragon said...

That looks delicious....