Thursday, October 1, 2009

School Bentos in 4 days...

My daughter is going to Pre-K this year. It's her first year of school ever and it's only a half day, I pick her up at noon. So I've never actually had a chance to send a bento to school with her. But on Monday that is changing! She will start going to Lunch Bunch at School on Mondays while I teach my dance class and that means I get to do school bento!!!

I'm really excited about it. In fact, I dreamt about bentos last night! My girl has a list of kyaraben that she wants me to make her for school. She and I looked at yesterday to see if they had "special school bento stuff" that I could get for her to make it a little more well, special for her since she's already used to having bentos. This is the first time she has actually shopped for bento stuff and picked out things for herself, it's soooo cool! (The items that were necessities: the soy sauce bottles shaped like pigs and a pikachu bento box)

To be absolutely sure that everything is perfect for the first school bento, I'm planning ahead. I already know exactly what I'm going to make and have pre-thought all the ingredients and steps. We'll see how it goes. So excited!!!

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