Friday, September 7, 2012

Fruit Friday

It is that time of year again.  The school pizza rant is here!  Today is the first day of school pizza on Friday for A-chan and it made me grumble and grump all morning.  I despise it.  I loathe it.  Why am I so upset by it?  That's a good question and one that I have tried to solve for myself today.  Partly because it undermines everything that I am attempting to teach my child about good nutrition.  Another factor is that I hate having to scrounge around to find exact change to put in the envelope in a society where cash is fast becoming obsolete. There is a part of me that is acting like a 5 year old who's toy just got taken away because it's a morning where I don't get to make a proper bento.

But it goes deeper than that.  It's almost as if this one thing usurps every ideal that I am trying to instill in our family  - not just good nutrition but also less waste (they are served on paper plates) and the evils of peer pressure.  I know that the reason for Friday pizza is a good one - they are raising money for the class.  And I absolutely love everything about my daughter's school except for this one thing.  It seems extremely petty to be so upset about it, honestly.  But at the same time it seems as if the school is trampling on all the hard work that parents do.  I know that I am overreacting.  By the end of autumn I will be excited about making fruit-only bentos again.  Today, however, I am going to revel in my grumpiness.

In the bento: Strawberries, peach slices and a huge bunch of tiny champagne grapes.

A-chan was happy about having Fruit Friday bentos to go with her pizza again.  When we went to the store to purchase fruit for the week she desperately wanted to try these itty bitty grapes for Friday.  I love it when she wants to try new foods!


Bliss Doubt said...

I don't think you're over reacting. I sometimes get frustrated when all around me act as though waste and environmental issues have no importance. I get upset when I hear about people spraying their yards with pesticides. I get mad when people sit in the car in a parking lot with the engine running, so they can have the a/c on while one goes into a store to shop. Lately I've been disgusted with NPR for continuously running ridiculous stories, probably underwritten by Monsanto, saying that organic food is no better for you than conventionally grown. Sometimes it's all too much. Don't worry yourself to death. We all do the best we can.

Anonymous said...

I hear you on all of the above! What I can suggest is that children can be encouraged to bring in their own reusable plate and utensils. Perhaps, if your parent community is strong, parents can help volunteer to assist in washing plates after eating. We just held our annual welcome back pancake breakfast, and students (although teens) could wash their own plates and utensils in big pans of soapy water that staff replenished. Something to think about...

Anonymous said...

You could use this as a lesson in balance and understanding. If A-Chan really likes pizza day,perhaps you could explain to her the important points you have about it and why you like to do things a little differently. "Pizza's great every once in awhile,but I think this way is amazing and delicious because...(various reasons.) "

Also,have you tried talking to the school about it? Perhaps talking to the PTA about using another way of giving out the pizza aside from paper plates..I'm not really sure what it could be,but there must be something out there.

If it really is to raise money for the class, I at least applaud them for trying...As someone who is only a step away from becoming an educator,I already know how important money is to schools. I'm not sure about the every week thing,but their reasons are very pure. They're not trying to trample on you,they likely are trying to be creative in a time where people just don't care about the educational system anymore.

Please,take a deep breath and try to calm down over it. If this is your one complaint about your daughter's school be grateful for that and the fact you are able to make bento for A-Chan. I grew up very poor and only had school food to eat...How do you think I felt? Even I knew how terrible most of it was for me!

Ultimately,A-Chan will go out into the world with what you've taught her and will make her own decisions. If she does end up really liking pizza,I'm sure at the same time she'll love everything you taught her as well. She may learn to just walk on the line between excess and health while many of us simply stick with the easier side or taking what we can get.

You're doing great,don't be discouraged...And just try and be happy that your school cares enough to try and get money for itself.