Tuesday, September 4, 2012

After DragonCon Bento

It was the morning after DragonCon and few groceries were in the house.  The worst bento transgression was about to occur for we had no fruit!  It pained me greatly but still I labored to put one together, swearing to shop just as soon as I could.   Instead of lettuce to line and to cushion I cut apart muffin cups and used them where needed.  What a wonderful time we had at that pinnacle of Conventions, meeting lots of great people hither and yon.  Much thanks to all those who attended my classes, I had a fantastic time and I hope that you did as well!

In the bento:  Peanut butter and sugar sprinkle sandwiches, steamed broccoli, baby tomatoes on Kappa picks, baby carrots, cheddar cheese chunks and the tiny chick container of frozen blueberries which was all the fruit I could find.

It was a fantastic convention and we loved every minute and we can't wait for next year!  We dressed up in several different costumes.  Here are a couple of pics of our matching Victorian outfits.

 It's always a difficult transition to come home after an amazing event and I made the mistake of forgetting to stop for groceries.  Luckily we had enough food on hand to make a bento but I was a little nervous for a while this morning.  In the background is A-chan's snack container filled with the last few Cheetos that we had left over from our junk food stash in the hotel room.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your Eating in the Box program at Dragon*Con. Not only were you super excited about bentos but you made all of us excited about them too! Even my brother and his friend (neither of which cook much or pack lunches) said that it was one of their favorite sessions. Thanks!


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

You did a great job on a post con lunch :) It's always hard to get back in to the groove after so much fun!

Natakiya said...

Awww, thank you so much Genna! That makes me super happy! :D I love bentos and I enjoy talking about them. I'm glad that you all enjoyed it. For next year I am hoping they will let me do a hands-on workshop!

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Jenn! It really was hard to get back to reality, lol.