Monday, September 30, 2013

A-chan's Lion Cake

I love this!  A-chan's newest obsession is Cake Boss which we found on Netflix this past Sunday.  Wow.  She is now all about creating cakes.  There was the pillow cake on her bed that was topped with a fake pearl necklace and stuffed kittens.  And she made a picnic themed cake from her play food.  All of this got me inspired to make a last minute cake so that she could truly enjoy making one.

We had friends over for the evening.  They are so awesome and totally joined into the craziness of last minute cake making, including picking up the grocery items that were needed!  The four of us jumped in and worked together to make the cake as a team effort.  Keep in mind that I've made maybe two cakes in my life.  It was wild.  And a ton of fun!  A-chan learned how to seperate egg yolks out.

A-chan did most of the icing and she did all the decorating by herself.  It was so much fun to watch her with the piping bag.  She obviously had a clear idea of what she wanted.  I am super proud of her!  We finally got it finished much later than I would normally allow cake to be eaten.  We ate it anyway.  And it was delicious!

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Jenni Price illustration said...

Your daughter did a great job decorating this cake! Wow!