Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bao Bentos!

Top tier: Cabbage bun with carrot flower, carrot sticks, steamed broccoli and apple flower.
Bottom tier: Sesame Seugai (restaurant leftovers, yay!), baby tomatoes, carrot slices, blueberries & more steamed broccoli.

Cabbage bun & carrot flower, carrot sticks, baby tomatoes, steamed broccoli, Sesame seugai leftovers.

Sesame suegai leftovers, baby tomatoes, steamed broccoli, blueberry and apple flower skewers, cabbage bun, Zoo Land cracker, carrot sticks.

We finally tried the buns from Super H Mart!! They are yummy and soooo easy to cook. I just put them in a tupperware container, put a sheet of microwaveable cling wrap over the container with a small corner open for a vent and microwaved them for 2 minutes. How great is that?! A word of caution, though, overcooking is really bad. I managed to overcook one that I cooked seperately and it came out as a rock.

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Judy said...

Hullo! I was poking around the internets, looking for suegai recipes, and found your blog. Your bento boxes are lovely! I'm curious to know...I think some part of me already knows...is your leftover suegai from Thai of Athens, or is there another place in the world to get this tasty dish?