Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bouquet Bento

A 'cheer-up' bento for my daughter. The main decoration is on a background of soy turkey & cheese sandwich which was cut specifically to fit this bento. The large flower was cut from a cheese slice and then sugar dots were pushed in on their sides so that they stick up a little. The orange flowers are carrots which were cut out with my tiniest flower cutter. The last flower was done with corn and a pea for the center. Blue sugar dots provide a bit more color. The stems and leaves are cut from cucumber peel, the large flower's stem has the peel side down to give a different color.

The rest of the bento included pretzels, skewers of corn and peas, baby tomatoes, mozzarella coins and a side bowl of tomato soup. The soup bowl is one of the toddler bowls that you can get as a rainbow stack at Walmart or Target. They are very economical, travel well because the lid is usually pretty tight and best of all they are microwaveable!

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