Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Buns of Steel!

A character from Ranma 1/2, Martial Mayhem, Buns of Steel video. I just couldn't stop myself. It had to be done. To get the blue for his tunic I took a little bit of blue gell food coloring and smeared it all over a raw gyoza wrapper. It's not quite the right color, but it is definately blue!
Eyes, mustache and belt were nori. Sleeves were cucumber slices, mouth was a bit of tomato. I don't think he came out all that well, but it was so much fun to try!

We all had the same thing: Vegetable fried rice with tofu egg-substitute mixed in which was sooo yummy, cabbage buns, corn croquettes, teriyaki tofu & onions, black olive skewers, baby tomatoes, japanese wheat cookies.
The red and blue flowers in mine and my daughter's bentos were done with the food color gel on gyoza wrappers, the yellow 'clouds' were tofu egg-substitute omelette cut-outs. It was wonderful to try out somewhat more traditional decoration with our two bentos. The mix of flowers and clouds was nowhere near as elegant as the art that inspired me to try this, but it was definately worth the trying!

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