Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bean Jam Wafer Bento

This was an extremely easy bento for a day when speed was required. Jasmine rice with green pea heart , cheddar jack cheese slices, baby tomatoes, sesame carrots, a skewer of chick peas (my little girl LOVES those things, who knew?) and an extra huge, lovely, wonderfully yummy bean jam wafer from Super H Mart.
The heart of peas was created by packing the rice around the outside of a heart shaped cookie cutter, then putting the peas into the center. Gently lift out the cookie cutter and voila - something that kind of sort of resembles a heart from certain angles, lol.
The wafer is really really good, I can't quite describe it though. The outside is a lot like an old fashioned ice cream cone which was a bit surprising at first.

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Lunch Buckets said...

I want a bean jam wafer - but then again, who wouldn't!