Monday, September 15, 2008

Garden Fresh Bean Bentos

Top tier to bottom: Vegetable ramen with carrot hearts, green beans and a black olive. Blueberries from our bushes with canned mangosteen sections and candied mango-chili slivers. Jasmine rice with a mamenori cover, baked tofu fingers.
Left tier: Lots of steamed broccoli with tiny carrot flowers, a black olive, fresh blueberries and canned mangosteen, cheese crackers and sesame sticks.
Right tier: Baked tofu fingers, black olives, jasmine rice, green beans, carrot stars.

Jasmine rice, green beans, carrot acorns, baked tofu fingers, black olives, veggie ramen, steamed broccoli. The lid section contained lots of blueberries.
My toddler had just picked green beans from her grandpa's garden and was so excited about eating them that I had to spruce them up a bit. her excitement did not last beyond the first bite, however, as she realized that she still did not like green beans. But at least she tried them!


Suselore said...

You do a really great job with your photos (and your bento composition) All the colours look fantastic and the food looks so healthy and fresh. Your blog is making me hungry!

Suselore said...

Whoops, I'm new to your blog and just read the bit about your husband doing the photography! lol. Well you are both very talented!