Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cute cute teddy bears

Here is another bento from the deep dark backlog files from the end of the school year. A-chan has been going to summer camp (Star Wars gymnastic camp - how awesome is that?) this week so now I'm starting to get a backlog of summer bentos as well! I need more hours in a day, lol. To explain my continued turtle pace of posting and not tweeting (how I miss twitter!) - in addition to my normal work load I'm transitioning to teaching dance class in a new studio where all the details are handled by me instead of the front office. I've also added a third class per week which is great! And my students are preparing for their student recital which is happening next week. We're in the midst of sewing like crazy, rehearsing like crazy and just being crazy in general. It's all good stuff but it's taking up a lot more of my time and I can't obsess over bentos as much. *cry* But soon I'll figure out how to balance all this new stuff and the recital will be over and I'll have a little bit more 'free' time, yay!

Anyway, back to bento stuff :) In the bento: Two peanut butter and sugar sprinkle sandwiches with teddy bear faces on top and a corn croquette between, a babybel cheese round, a small bunch of purple grapes and a Tuscany Italian flavored 'rice meatball' and lots of tiny carrot stars.

The teddy bear faces are made with soy turkey, provolone and nori with sriracha cheeks. I used the Thomas part of my Hello Kitty onigiri kit to cut the soy turkey slice and the provolone slice for the heads and then used the nori punch from the kit for the facial features.

To cushion the tiny corn croquette and make sure the sandwiches stayed put I rolled up a little extra piece of lettuce and stuck it in place to keep the three things secure.

A-chan didn't like the rice meatball at all. I'm not sure if that is because it was so different or because she just doesn't really like 'meatballs' in general. It was worth a try though and I was very proud of her for eating half of it to try it out!


Journal Mommy Yenny said...

the teddies are so so so cute...!

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Yenny! I'm glad that you like them :D