Monday, June 27, 2011

Experimental Onigiri

Here are three experimental onigiri. I've never done much with filled onigiri. Mainly because that seemed akin to a booby-trap for a small child that would end in disaster and a bunch of mess. Yes, I am sad to say that I let fear dictate my onigiri choices. But no more! For here are onigiri with three different fillings that A-chan loved and were eaten without catastrophe befalling us.

In the bento: Two apple bunnies, slices of lemon, purple grapes on star and heart picks, one teriyaki tofu and green pea filled onigiri, one scrambled tofu filled onigiri, one onigiri with tofu soboro mixed with the rice, carrot flowers with sugar dot centers and green bean leaves, a few waffle fries.

There is still time to enter the give-away! You have until June 30th to comment on a post or to follow this blog to be entered. Two really cute bentos from Bento & Co. are the prizes - two winners will receive a bento and hopefully be persuaded to do a guest post in early August.


AikoVenus said...

So pretty! Sadly at my age I can still have a (rare) but messy outcome with filled onigiri. ^^;

Made You Look Photography said...

That is really cool! My daughter and I sat in on your panel at the AnimeBluesCon, and we both loved it! We now own our first tiny bento boxes and are ready to give it a try. ^_^