Friday, June 17, 2011

Pasta Simplicity

Because I've never done a Give-away online before I am a bit muddled about it. I keep thinking that I should extend until the end of June since I haven't been posting a lot of put up very much information so far. So here is the official announcement of that, lol. I am doing a give away with two bentos from Bento & Co. at the end of June. It will be totally random. To get entered into the randomness you must either be a follower of my blog or have posted a comment between May 27th and June 30th. Now here's the kicker - in late July and early August I will be on a massive camping trip. What I would really, really, really love to have are the winners of the two bentos do guest posts for me to put up while I'm gone camping. That's voluntary and not a condition of winning!

In the bento: Tomato parmesan pasta with a tomato flower and cucumber leaves, two baby tomatoes on cute animal picks with cheese stars, a container of sweet corn, veggie hot dogs and a bunch of purple grapes on the side.


OhayoBento said...

I missed you so much on Twitter! I have to go back and see what posts I've missed, lol. Giveaways are a ton of fun, aren't they :)

I love your gorgeous bento, I want one for my lunch today!!!

new2bento said...

I would love to win your contest. I love Bento and Co. and search their store often.

Natakiya said...

I missed you, too!! There haven't been many posts either, I just haven't had the time :( Yep, giveaways are fun! Thanks so much, Heather!!

Natakiya said...

Hi new2bento! I love their store, too. I have spent many hours drooling over their selection :)