Monday, November 29, 2010

The End of Fall

The end of fall is nigh, winter's arrival has been announced. Frigid temperatures have arrived and our driveway is lost beneath a carpet of brown leaves. Today we say goodbye to autumn, to winter we wave hello. When we were leaving for school this morning it was 38 degrees, a huge change from the weekend where we had 70 degree daytimes. I own at least 10 pairs of gloves and couldn't find any of them this morning. We both looked and looked and found none! So as soon as I dropped A-chan off at her class I ran to buy two new pairs. And I also bought a special box to store them in that is right beside the front door. I'm hoping that will make us a lot less late to school in the future!

Today's bento is the last fall bento of the year. It was fraught with indecision! I knew that I was going to put meatballs (well, fake meatballs) in her bento this morning but wasn't sure what I wanted them to be. I turned them into a cute caterpillar at the last minute. A-chan didn't think that the caterpillar looked like a caterpillar, but she did say it was cute. Oh well, I tried :) I had already started cooking the corn on the cob when I remembered that her mouth had gotten injured (a tickling incident turned bad) over the weekend so I decided to cut the corn off the cob instead. The apple bunny originally started out as another maple leaf but I just couldn't get it to fit correctly so I did a presto-chango.

In the bento: Mashed potatoes with carrot maple leaves on top, meatless meatballs (frozen ones from Trader Joe's), steamed broccoli, corn off the cob, a star pick with green peas and one tiny apple bunny.

The caterpillar face was done with two picks for antennae, one green pea cut in half for the eyes, a cheddar cheese smile and sesame seed details for the eyes. The bow is from carrot and apple peel.

The only thing we had leftover from Thanksgiving was the mashed potatoes. Here is a pic of the feast we did. There were still dishes of food that hadn't made it onto the table when I snagged a second to take a picture. A-chan was on guard duty, making sure none of the cats jumped into the food. Poor girl, she had a hard time with that job! She and I made hand turkeys earlier in the day and taped them onto chopsticks which we then stuck into our table bouquet. I loved how they looked!!


OhayoBento said...

I like the caterpillar, so cute! How is the glove box working out? I'd never remember to put them back in the box ;)

Natakiya said...

Thank you :) The glove box is really working well so far! As soon as I come in the house I put my gloves in it and then I can find them again when we're leaving, it's amazing :) One of the cats thinks it's actually a cat bed, but that's okay because it just means the gloves are warm when I fish them out from under him, lol.