Friday, November 19, 2010

Gyoza by hand

I know that a lot of people have the gyoza utensil and may not want to make any by hand. I don't have one though I always start wishing for one about halfway through :) Pleating the gyoza by hand is lots of fun and I enjoy it but after 20 or so gyoza it starts to become tedious. If I could do the first half by hand and then use a gyoza utensil for the last half that would be perfect!

Since I don't have anyone else here that can take pictures while I'm actually doing the pleating I've done my best with the instructions but they might still be a bit ambiguous. I will try to get an actual video of the pleating around x-mas. It gets easier with practice!

  • Let cool and prepare a gyoza making station with a 2 plates, 2 bowls and a napkin. 1 plate is for the gyoza wrappers, 1 plate is for the finished gyoza, 1 bowl needs to be half full of cold water and the other bowl is for the veggie mix.
  • I use chopsticks to place a small amount of veggie mix in the center of a gyoza wrapper and spread it out to the sides.
  • Dip a finger in the water and run it along one half of the gyoza circle, then repeat for the other half.
  • Fold the gyoza in half like a taco, allowing the edges of the circle to seal together. Start pleating the gyoza from the left side and continue to the right. I like to make 5 pleats. That makes it easier because I know the middle pleat should be at the center of the taco.
  1. To make my pleats I take the gyoza wrapper that is closest to me (the front) in the forefinger and thumb of my left hand. ( You only pleat the front, the back should remain straightened) The gyoza rests against the fingers of my right hand with the right thumb in front. I place my right thumb on the front of the gyoza wrapper just where I want the pleat to be and then fold a small amount of gyoza wrapper over my thumbnail with the left hand. I then remove the right thumb and press down to make the pleat stick. And then repeat the same process until you have 5 pleats.
I also decided to make a couple of egg rolls while I was working :) The next step is cooking.

To cook my gyoza I like to brown the bottoms in either olive oil or sesame oil and then steam the rest with water or vegetable stock. (I prefer vegetable stock but I don't always have any ready) Place a small amount of oil in a pan, when heated place the gyoza in the oil with the bottom down.

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