Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy Day

It's only Tuesday and already it's been one of those weeks. Other than a tiny peek of the sun this afternoon it's been raining for two and a half days straight now. Ugh. I am really grateful for my A-chan who has been making things so much easier and helping me out while the rain is being a big pain. Today's bento was to try and cheer us both up and make us stop grumbling. Who can be grumpy with cute and happy raindrops?

In the bento: Jasmine rice packed nice and tight, mozzarella and soy turkey cloud and raindrops with nori faces, steamed broccoli, baby tomato umbrella, frozen peaches and blueberries, fried tofu bites and a Hello Kitty filled with Yamasa soy sauce.

I cut the cloud and raindrops out of cheese using shaped cutters and then cut the soy turkey just a little larger around with scissors. A-chan didn't think the tomato looked much like an umbrella, but it was what I had so I used it :)

The cuteness did cheer me up a little - enough to take a picture today. I didn't even take a picture of yesterday's bento. This week is the first time that I've ever been unhappy making bentos. Usually I enjoy every second of it but this weekend a friend of mine said some things about bentos and my blog that have me depressed. His comments really hurt my feelings. If it had been someone that I didn't know I would be less affected. In fact, I would view it like a challenge and go, "Ha! I'll show you how awesome bentos are, bub!" But I guess since it was from someone important to me it's hit me very hard. Even worse - I was asking for help but got ridicule and derision instead. I am not sure how to deal with it and it's put a very large dark cloud over my morning bentoing. Have any of you met with this sort of reaction to your bento making?


Kelly Polizzi said...

Now how could that lunch fail to cheer anyone up? It's adorable! I have got to get me one of those cute raindrop cutters!

Natakiya said...

The raindrops are sooo cute, aren't they?! I got the cutters from Jbox.com. :D

OhayoBento said...

I think your bentos are really cute, please keep taking pics of them. Whatever friend would ridicule instead of helping by giving constructive criticism may not deserve the title of friend. Cheer up, you do a fantastic job!

megan said...

hey natakiya, i'm sorry to hear you got negative feedback on your bento-making. i have not had such a harsh experience, but sometimes people i know who don't know much about bento do say that it's "weird" or "intense."

i know that you would ideally like support from the people in your [non-internet] life, but try to remember that this bento community will always be supportive. if there is something on which you are looking for suggestions or feedback, why not post the topic here? we've got your back, girl!

Natakiya said...

Awww, thanks so much, OhayoBento! You definitely help make me feel better :)

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Megan!! You're absolutely right, the bento community is awesome and there are so many lovely and supportive people :) I love being a part of it!

But I am also extremely shy and have trouble talking or even typing to people. I am horrible at communicating! I'm trying to cure myself of it though so maybe I will open up for constructive criticism :D