Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snails are cute!

Snails are really cute! And I love the way this one turned out :) A-chan liked him too and ate him all up. This is another older bento but I wanted to post it today in honor of my rescue of a snail earlier in the week from where he was lodged in our cats' food bowl. An indoor bowl which resides in my laundry room. I have no clue how a snail got there to begin with. But the poor thing is now outdoors in the jungle of our yard.

This bento includes a lot of items from what I like to call my bento "stockpile". These are items that I almost always have on hand for use in bentos. The items in this bento are: green peas, carrots, baby corn, baby tomatoes, frozen blueberries, miniature frozen pancakes and morningstar farms sausage links. The only item that is not always on hand is the tofu heart. The swirl on the snail shell pancake was done with strawberry frosting and more of the frosting was in the monkey face container to spread on the other three pancakes.

A little bit of the frosting goes a long way. A-chan gets something that she considers a rare treat and I'm happy because she isn't eating a whole lot of sugar. It also keeps forever! And the pancake bentos are so easy and quick to make, I just love keeping the ingredients on hand for whenever I need a no-fail bento. They are especially wonderful for those days when I wake up late or don't have a good plan in mind already!

In the bento: A pick of green peas, a container of frozen blueberries, heart shaped tofu cooked in soy sauce, carrot heart, babycorn spears, a baby tomato, julienned carrots, miniature pancakes, morningstar farms soy sausage link with cute nori face and a carrot antenna.


OhayoBento said...

That is a cute snail!! Lol! We get a ton of snails in our tiny yard, I always have t move them off the sidewalk out front :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy pancakes! I love how you saved that snail. Don't you just hate the sound & feel when you step... by accident.. well, you know! :(

BAD karma. And your rescue action GOOD karma! :)

Natakiya said...

:D I'm glad you think he's cute, OhayoBento!

Natakiya said...

Yes, gnoegnoe, I hate that horrible feeling :( I'm glad that I found the little guy in time!