Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ravioli Santa

It's cold! Sooooo cold! I swear that it's not supposed to get this cold here. Am being forced to type in gloves, forgive any typos please :) We had an exciting weekend going to the Tae kwon do sparring camp. There was one heart attack moment when a-chan got kicked in the face. But she was okay, no real injury, whew! The difficult part of the day was finding our way home through all the streets that had been blocked off for a holiday parade.

A-chan has been enjoying ravioli recently. She never pronounces it correctly but I'm not sure if that's on purpose or not....she's also been enjoying trying to trick me a lot these days! When asked what she wanted in her bento she replied, "I want a santa claus!"

In the bento: Several 3-cheese ravioli, including santa's head. Also some steamed broccoli, baby corn, carrot ribbons, baby spinach leaves, and a section of rice with black sesame seeds. On the side is a cling wrap baggie with corn croquettes with a yellow ribbon to tie it closed.

Santa's face is soy ham with provolone mustache, nori eyes and his hat is made from red bell pepper with more provolone cheese. You can't really see the ball on the top of the hat from the angle that I took the photo - but it exists, lol! A-chan seemed to really get a kick out of him. I'm wishing now that I had put some pink cheeks on as well.

I've done what is for me a very daring thing and redesigned my blog, yay! Technology and I are not the best of friends so, yeah, it was hard!! I need some constructive feedback about it, though. Is it okay? Is it horrible? Should I change anything else? What would you like to see on here or is there anything that I could do better at? Please, please, please let me know what you think?!


Anonymous said...

I like! Both the blog design and your Ravioli Santa :-) What are corn croquettes?

Natakiya said...

Thanks!! That makes me very happy :)

My corn croquettes are little patties of tofu, flour, corn and spices rolled in panko and deep fried. They work really well frozen and then fry them just before putting into the bento!

OhayoBento said...

I LOVE this santa! He is so fresh and clean, it's gorgeous! I want one :) The corn croquettes sound delicious as well.

I like the distressed green background, looks very cool.