Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Totally Karaimame Day

Hello December! Thank you for bringing sunshine back to us, but did you have to bring the cold too? It's only 24 days til Christmas and 20 days until the start of Pancha Ganapati!

The other day A-chan was sitting beside me while I looked at and commented on bento blogs. She saw Karaimame's cute puppy bento and just gushed about it! She requested that I make her a bento like that sometime soon. I was going to put it off a little bit longer, but then Karaimame posted about her advent calendar. Amazing. It's just incredible! Seeing the advent calendar inspired me to try and make one too. And then I thought, why not have a Karaimame inspired day and make the puppy bento :) So today is a totally Karaimame day! (Thank you for so much wonderful inspiration, I love your creativity!)

In the bento: A cheese sandwich covered by soy ham with snow peas and baby corn flowers, and a provolone and nori puppy with a carrot collar. Carrot slices to separate the sides of the box, a container of frozen blueberries mixed with fresh pomegranate seeds, morningstar farms chik nuggets, carrot flower with snow pea leaves, a sprig of baby corn, waffle fries and a pick with black olives. On the side is a doggy face container with ketchup inside.

I didn't think that I could make exactly the same puppy so I made A-chan's a little different. My favorite part is the fluffy tail! Karaimame's puppy has so much more personality and cuteness, though. A-chan seemed to be very happy with it, I hope that it survives her exuberant entry into the schoolroom. My other Karaimame inspired project for the day I'll post in a bit. Not sure whether I should put up pictures of the advent calendar on this blog or somewhere else yet.

For those who are wondering how the glove box is working out, a picture says a thousand words.

Meow. The gloves are being kept nice and warm, lol. (This is Ember. He was in the box when I got home from taking A-chan to school this morning at 10 am. It is now 2 pm and he hasn't left it yet.)


Savoir Affaire said...

how cute is that bento box???

karaimame said...

Omigosh, is that really me?! Oh wow, I am so happy about this! Thank you so much for the mention!
I am very very glad I could inspire someone to make such beautiful things!
The puppy is adorable, I loved the tail!! So cute!! Everything looks so good in that bento I would like to have one too, please ;).
Aaw... sweetie A-chan is really lucky to have a great mommy like you :)

sherimiya said...

Woof! Sweet. Can't wait to see your advent calendar too!

Stretching My Imagination said...

Yes, the fluffy tail completely makes the dog. You've made such a clean cut in the shape of the dog too - do you make them freehand? Hooray for blogworld inspiration :-) I like the snow peas and baby corn as flowers/leaves.

Natakiya said...

Thank you so much, Savoir Affaire!! Making cute food is a lovely way to beat the winter blues.

Natakiya said...

Yes, it's really you!! The bento community is so wonderful and I'm so glad that you share all the lovely things you do :D Your creativity truly is inspirational, thank you so much.

I'm glad that you like the puppy! The tail is my favorite part, lol :)

Natakiya said...

Aww, thankyou Sherimiya!! Woof to you too :D

The advent calendar isn't nearly as awesome as Karaimame's, but it was fun! (It's finally up, I always take a long time.)

Natakiya said...

Thanks, Stretching My Imagination!!

Wow, so many people like the tail! The main body of the puppy was cut out with a Wilton's cutter. I honestly don't know what the original shape was supposed to be - maybe a dog or a deer? There was an ear or an antler or something that I cut off to make the dog head. The tail I cut free-hand. To get all 4 legs I just cut out two sets of the body and put one on top of the other at a slightly different angle. Trying to describe it makes it seem rather complicated but it wasn't, honest!

OhayoBento said...

Puppies AND kitties!! What a wonderful day! Great job on the bento, it's adorable!!!

Natakiya said...

Thank you, OhayoBento!!

bentobird said...

Beautiful and utterly cute bento, your puppy has great sweet verve. Loved the kitteh picture to, what a fun post!