Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can it really be...Penguins!

When I was getting ready to sleep last night I suddenly realized that I needed to make penguins in the morning. But I had no clue how to do penguins in a bento - so I went searching for inspiration. I found it in LuckySundae's amazing bentos! Mine are a little bit clumsy, lol. A-chan was able to recognize them as penguins and that's all that matters :)

In the bento: The blue tier has cherries, a babybel cheese, baby carrots, a container of pluot chunks, three veggie hot dog flowers with corn centers, two picks of edamame and a corn croquette. The white tier holds two huge penguin onigiri and a ton of lettuce.

The penguins have nori, provolone cheese and carrot details. Two tiny little hot dog and corn flowers help distract from all that lettuce!