Monday, August 22, 2011

Smiling Bridie

Whew! We survived the first week of school with only a few minor things going wrong. And we somehow lived a whole week without eating any broccoli. This travesty occurred because I went to the store without a list. But it has been rectified this week and A-chan was rejoicing to see broccoli in her bento this morning.

In the bento: Two miniature Scottish Forfar Bridies (vegetarian versions), pluot slices, steamed broccoli, one cherry, carrot hearts and a cherry tomato cut into fourths.

My birthday was this weekend and A-chan helped me make an extra special birthday lunch! She was so sweet :) Here are the cute onigiri that she made and decorated.


Lia Chen said...

Cute bento and those onigiri are awesome! Happy belated birthday for you! All the best, GBU (^.^)

melonpan said...

that looks soooooo tasty *yammy*
so cute