Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Double Bunnies

A-chan asked for Bunnies in today's bento. She didn't specify more than that so I took the easy road and made simple cheese cutouts. This box has lids which fit down inside a bit - something that typically throws me for a loop. I'm continually over-filling these types of bento boxes and then the lids won't fit on. Today I was very careful and made sure to leave room for the lids!

In the bento: The bunny tier is full of miniature pancakes (all from the freezer) nestled in lettuce with provolone cheese bunnies and heart. The non-bunny tier is filled with cherries, lemon slices, pluot slices, carrot flowers, baby corn slices, soy sausage links and green peas.

Sugar sprinkles got stuck to the cheese for the bunnies' eyes and to decorate the heart. Their fluffy tails are cauliflower. Inside the monkey container is strawberry icing to eat with the pancakes.


Lia Chen said...

You ask it and mommy make it hehehe ... Very nice double bunnies! How's A-chan at school? Lot of new friends?

Natakiya said...

Thanks, Lia! I try my best! :) She's enjoying making requests, lol.

School is great so far. We both love her teachers and she is having lots of fun!