Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Cheer for A-chan

A-chan was feeling a tad nervous about her school play today.  She confessed this to me yesterday as we picked mulberries from the tree in the backyard.  Her bento this morning was an attempt to encourage her and help her get rid of the butterflies in her tummy.  She did a great job, all of them did.  And the play was fun to watch with lots of singing and even some dancing!

In the bento: Garlic and basil couscous, green peas, carrot heart and carrot sticks, a strawberry, mulberries and a tofu heart.  Hidden underneath the tofu heart are the awkward pieces from the heart cut out.

The girl is made from provolone cheese (I'm sure that comes as no surprise, lol) as well as the letters.  The sign was cut from a baby spinach leaf.  Her hair is inari, her face is nori and the little beret is part of a black olive with a soba noodle pinning it into place.  The tofu heart was sauteed in sesame oil to give it a bit of a crunchy coating.

If you aren't familiar with mulberries, they are very similar to blackberries but grow on trees instead of bushes.  They can be a little more tart than blackberries.  We love to eat them straight off the tree, but we gathered a lot yesterday so that she can have them in her bentos.


MewlKitten said...

So cute! I love the cheerful bento, and the mulberries look so yummy. I've never tried them before. If I have the chance to try them I definitely will thanks to your description.

Ming@Bentomonsters said...

Love this, very nice. All the best to A-chan, I'm sure she'll do well in the play. :)

Natakiya said...

Thank you, Kat! I have to admit that I don't like mulberries very much, or blackberries either. But A-chan loves them :)

Natakiya said...

Thanks, Ming! She did very well despite being nervous. It was a great play and fun to watch :)