Friday, August 16, 2013

Edamame and Soba

There are some days when I'm extremely grateful for cute food picks.  Without the little blue monkey this bento would not have passed the 'cute' test.  Luckily A-chan was okay with it, though she considered the onigiri strawberry to be a bit strange.  It looks pretty strange in the picture, I'll grant.  It looked much nicer in person, I swear!

In the bento:  Zaru soba noodles with steamed edamame, strawberry shaped onigiri with cucumber peel leaf, blackberries, apples, kiwi slices and a carrot flower with pea center.

Even if the bento wasn't the cutest ever, we both agreed that the boxes were adorable.  I loved the fact that the container/cup that came in the snack box can be used with the larger box.


Marigold said...

Where do you get ZARU soba in particular? And do you know where to get the right kind of udon? I got the kinds of both that are dried, but they never turn out looking/tasting right.

Natakiya said...

Hi Marigold! I get my soba noodles at Super H Mart which is a Korean Supermarket. You can buy them online from Asian grocery stores and even on Amazon!

Zaru soba is meant to be eaten cold from a basket. I generally call all the soba that I put into bento boxes 'zaru soba' because it will be eaten cold, though I doubt that is an accurate nomenclature in Japan.

The difference in the tastes is because when you cook these noodles at home you have to wash them very well after they are cooked. Not just rinse, I mean really wash under cold water. Here is a link with more information: