Friday, April 27, 2007

Daring to be different Bentos

Normally I fix the same thing for all three of us because it is so much easier than cooking seperate dishes, especially for bento meals. However, while my daughter and I are spicy food fanatics my husband is a mild loving guy. Every once in a while I cook up two batches of stir fry at the same time and make one nice and hot while the other is mild and calm. I then freeze them in single serving size containers and whenever I'm hankering for a hot thai curry I can pop them out and quickly serve up a meal that suits all of us. This was one of those times!
Top tier: Stirfry with marinated tofu, alphabet french fries that spelled out JOY, baby tomatoes and peas on skewers, one red bean mochi with yellow star sprinkles.

Bottom tier: Thai sticky rice with carrot sun and fruit by the foot flowers.

Left: Thai sticky rice with Spicy thai tofu checkerboard & green peas.
Right: Thai Green Curry, Extra Hot!!! Tiny carrot flowers.

Top tier: Mild asparagus stir fry with marinated tofu, baby tomatoes & green peas.
Bottom tier: thai sticky rice, carrot flowers & snap pea leaves with black sesame seeds.

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