Sunday, April 15, 2007

Super H Mart!

We had a grand adventure in Super H Mart this past weekend. It had already been a very long day getting up early to go to the Ren faire and we got to the Mart around 7, totally exhausted and drenched from the rain. I was determined to go, though! First impressions were pretty much bewilderment - not because the store was all that different, but because I didn't know what I wanted, we were just there to browse.

The veggies and fruits I skipped and we went straight for the drygoods aisles. A-chan was being very silly and kept running around us in circles singing silly songs or dancing in the center of the aisles. Distraction-o-matic at her best! But we managed to find some very neat things and lots and lots of things that I want to try later. (A whole bag of red chili powder. Not a tiny little plastic tube - a huge bag!!!!!!)

Most of the things that we picked up were sweets (mochi, yay, mochi) but we also got some pizza chips, miso soup mix that A-chan picked up accidentally, and some Hello Kitty veggie furikake which is sooo awesome because I've never even tried regular furikake since it has seaweed.

The only complaint that I have about the store is how much shoplifting seemed to have been happening. Most of the small things like pocky boxes were opened and pilfered - including the one we bought which we forgot to check since we were in a hurry at that point. Out of the box of pocky only one packet was actually left. That was pretty disappointing! Of course, we don't normally shop at large stores in the city and have no idea if this behaviour was widespread in the area or just confined to Super H Mart. It's definately something to keep an eye out for, though.

In the next few days I will post pics of the loot and some descriptions of the treats and what they taste like :)


Elsi said...

I'm not sure which Super H Mart you went to. I recently visited the one in Duluth (north of Atlanta) and the one in Riverdale (south of Atlanta). I found the one in Riverdale much nicer -- but then again, it is newer.

Natakiya said...

We went to the one in Gwinnett on Pleasant Hill. I know very little about the geography of atlanta so I have no idea where Riverdale is but I'll try to go there sometime to compare. The store itself seemed pretty nice to me, a bit overwhelming since I don't go into the city often :)

What is your fav thing to buy at Super H Mart?