Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Super H Mart Loot, Part 1

This luscious looking tray of mixed cakes was what I was truly looking for when I went to this store. I had seen the maple leaf one in pkceres' bento pics on and had to try it! They did have a tray that was completely full of maple leaf cakes, but I thought the assortment looked like more fun. I have absolutely no idea what to call any of them and I can only guess at what's inside them, even after tasting each one!
#1 - I think it was a white bean filling in a soft cake outer. Very good.
#2 - These were my favorite. Sweet red bean filling in an outer layer that reminded me strongly of ice cream cones. Yum!
#3 - Sweet potato-ish filling in a dense cake outer. My toddler's favorite.
#4 - White bean filling in a dense yellow cake. Not as good as the other, in my opinion :)
#5 - Soft white cake with sweet red bean filling inside. My husband's pick.
I would so buy these again when we go back. Which hopefully will be a while because my diet is really suffering right now!

The octagonal Pizza Snack wasn't a big hit with my family, which is surprising considering how much they (okay, we) love pizza. They are kind of like a puffed chip, a puffy cheeto for example, in texture and not as crunchy as chips or crackers. The flavor was very subtle and was different for each of us. My husband thought it tasted like how he thought fried pig's ears would taste, not a high recommendation in this vegetarian family, lol. My daughter wasn't so pleased with them either, though she ate more than her father did. I, on the other hand, thought they tasted of parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and basil - just very lightly. My final opinion was that they were edible but I don't know if I would buy them again.

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