Thursday, April 19, 2007

Middle of the week & in a hurry bentos

More bridies, w00t! This time I made mine and my husband's really huge by mistake ( I couldn't find my normal pastry cutter for bridies and used a bowl which was too big instead) but they came out just fine. A-chan's bridies had a little bit too much liquid in the filling and didn't come out very pretty.
We also had steamed broccoli, creamy garlic pasta shells, little containers of HP sauce for the bridies & we each had a mystery cake from our shopping spree at Super H mart. They were sooo yummy, but I'm saving info about them for another post.
It was very quick and easy to put these bentos together: already made and frozen bridies were popped from the freezer straight into the oven for 15 minutes then put into the boxes, pasta cooked on the stovetop and ready to go while I cooked lunch earlier. 5 minutes of steaming the broccoli and it was all done!

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